Life Coaching is a professional service in which the clients identify specific goals they wish to work on, and collaborate with the Life Coach in order to achieve those goals. It is an ongoing partnership where the Life Coach provides clients with feedback, insights, and guidance, and should not be used in place of Mental Health Counseling.

Life Coaching differs from Mental Health Counseling in that clients who seek this service have already worked through any emotional issues and have moved forward to the next phase in reclaiming their lives. The focus in Life Coaching is on teaching clients to take action in setting and attaining goals by overcoming obstacles such as negative thoughts and irrational beliefs. Life Coaching offers support and encouragement throughout the process as well, and can be done in the office and often on the phone.

Surely we are meant to experience love, joy, and fulfillment in life. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals with real solutions: in your first life coach session expect to get useful information you can implement right away. After a brief assessment, we help you begin the changes you most want in your life. Do you have relationship or marriage problems? Would you like a personal life coach, marriage counseling, or career advice? Couples counseling, personal life coaching, and career guidance are our passion!

Give Us A Call; We Can Help

Many people sense in their heart and soul, that there must be more to life than what they are currently experiencing. Life seems unfulfilling. They are unsettled. Discontent. Stuck. They have dreams, desires, and goals, but lack the tools, confidence, or motivation to achieve them. If that is you, let us help you discover your purpose and “bridge the gap” from where you are to where your dreams want to take you.

Do These Statements
Sound Like You?

  • You become someone else because it’s scary to be yourself.
  • You settle constantly because you don’t think you deserve better.
  • You’re not sure if you can be a better person. It seems too hard.
  • You’re not sure how to create boundaries.
  • God feels far away.
  • You overthink your decisions to death.

Forging a Better Future with Your Trusted Life Coach

Life isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut. You may feel unfulfilled in life or in relationships. You might find yourself struggling to understand why you’re unhappy. Unfortunately, most of us can’t look at our lives objectively to discover the cause of our problems and make a plan to move forward with greater success. This is where professional life coaches and marriage counseling services can help.

At Stonestar Health, our highly-trained team of coaches and counselors bring many years of experience to the table, and we use our considerable skill to help you identify your goals and provide you with the tools needed to achieve them. Whether your struggles are personal or you’re having relationship problems, we’ll provide a candid assessment of your situation and offer valuable insights and clear direction to help you move forward.

Our focus is always on the future. Can you rehash old hurts or arguments at nauseam? Sure, but where has that gotten you? We’ll put you on the path to a better future with a solid foundation of self-care and a plan for an effective course of action, based on your personal circumstances and goals. Collaboration is essential for any life or relationship coach service to work, which is why the caring and professional team at Stonestar Health works closely with every client to ensure the greatest chances for growth, happiness, and success.