Life Coach

A professional who counsels and encourages clients through personal or career challenges.

Occupational Therapy

Provide detailed evaluations of Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), Independent Activities of Daily Living (IADL), strength, and Range of Motion (ROM), and how pain and depression affect everyday life. Provide structured intervention that foster participation in ADL and IADL lost due to pain, depression, and physical deficits. Our staff will teach work simplification, energy conservation, and proper body mechanics to improve participation in daily activities. Clients will also have a customized home exercise program that coincide with therapy goals.

Physical Therapy

Provide detailed evaluations of history, strength, ROM, flexibility, gait, and balance. Create a plan of care to address deficits and patient functional goals. Provide detailed written HEP that correlate to overall goals. Educate clients on use and care of various equipment and modalities.

Social Work Services

Specialize in the treatment of depression, anger, anxiety, grief, life adjustment issues, relationship issues, and parenting skills in individual and group setting. Our staff is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Brain-spotting. Our goal is to teach new skills and assist clients with managing their lives in a positive way.

Massage Therapy

We are here to help you relieve pain, promote healing, or improve physical functioning.

Veterans Therapy

Everyone experiences occasional anxiety, but some people suffer from overwhelming fears of everyday situations. If you feel these excessive and persistent worries, you may have an anxiety disorder.